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VM for Hackathon

Hi fellow hackers,

I came up with a VM that has the development environment prepared.
* Linux RedHat - CentOS 6.7 64-bit with a GUI
* Java 1.8
* Git and source code from Ambari 2.1.1
* Eclipse for Java EE, and PyDev (Python 2.6.6)
* Ambari 2.1.1
* HDP and HDFS, ZK, YARN/MR, Tez, Pig, and Hive (sample data already loaded onto HDFS).
* Plus views for HDFS Files, Tez, Resource Manager.

You'll need VirtualBox, about 10 GB of disk space, and 8 GB of RAM.
Once you import the VM and boot it, the username and password is ambari:ambari
The desktop has more instructions on how to proceed.

I came up with 2 variations of the VM,
A. "Ambari Hackathon No-Cluster V1": Only Ambari Server and Agent, no cluster @ 3.4 GB

B. "Ambari Hackathon V1": Everything included @ 5.2 GB

1. Install VirtualBox

2. Download the ova file that you want.

3. Simply import the ova file as an "appliance" into VirtualBox and choose which settings to import.
Remove the default values for Network and Shared Folder.

4. Configure VM with
A. Storage:
---SATA Controller with the vdi file on port 0, should have actual size of 6 GB and virtual size of 14 GB
---IDE Controller is empty
B. Network: 1 adapter.
---Adapter 1: Select "Enable Network Adapter", and attach to "NAT". For Port Forwarding, add 2 rules
-----Proto Host IP Host Port Guest IP Guest Port
-----TCP 8080 - 8080
-----TCP 8088 - 8088
C. Shared folder, with auto-mount
D. 128 MB of Video RAM, and 8 GB of RAM, and 2-4 processors


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