•   over 8 years ago

Ambari HackFest Ideas - Part 2

Building on Alejandro's list.

1. Create an Ambari Service & View for Redis
2. Create an Ambari Service & View for Couchbase or MongoDB
3. Create an Ambari Service & View for Tachyon
4. Think of creating a view that displays the datacenter rack and nodes. Hovering the mouse over it displays the stats or config for the rack and nodes. Even better if you provide Google Map and drill down to the data centers where HDP installed. I think the DevOps guys would love this visualization.
5. A ZooKeeper browser is another fruitful idea we want to seed among the attendees to consider. For example, an ability to view Zookeeper clients stats and status or ability to peruse the zNode structure would provide immense visual value to devops and zookeeper admins.

All these are interesting small projects that can be run a single-cluster node.



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